PPP slams government over newly introduced NAB ordinance, says amendment in NAB laws will only benefit Imran Khan and his aides

Islamabad, 28 December 2019: Secretary Information Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians Dr. Nafisa Shah has said that the Prime Minister is trying to help his friends by attempting to bring about an ordinance related to NAB. She said that such an ordinance, which is related to a change in NAB laws, should be discussed and agreed upon by all parties in the Parliament.

The PTI government is trying to hide its incapability by using these anti-people tactics and is trying to keep them in the dark about such advances. She said that the supposed ‘accountability’ is not inclusive at all, and that only politicians are being targeted while the businessmen are being provided with relief due to their connections with the current PTI government. She also said that the effort to bring a change in NAB’s laws is a worse scandal than that of the Panama Leaks.

The PM visits Karachi in order to weaken the provincial government and to make amends with his allies, she said. She further said that the current government is taking historical u-turns that will be protested in the Parliament. These views were expressed in a press conference held in the presence of Senator Rubina Khalid, Aajiz Dhamra, Nawabzada Iftikhar and Nazir Dhoki.

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