Syed Hasan Murtaza: Imran Khan removed name and picture of Shaheed Benazir from BISP, proved he is relic of dictatorship

LAHORE: Parliamentary Leader of Pakistan Peoples Party in Punjab Assembly and Provincial Secretary Information Syed Hasan Murtaza has said Imran Khan removed the name and picture of Shaheed Benazir from the BISP and proved that he is reminiscence of dictatorship, adding that the selected Prime Minister tried to appease his dictator, whom he exemplified.
In his video message, he said Imran Khan sought to remove the name of the leader who sacrificed her life for the sake of democracy. Her father, two brothers and mother also sacrificed their lives for democracy.
“Imran Khan has been a follower of dictators; Hitler, Ayub and Zia are his ideals, he always quotes their examples”, he added.
“Imran Khan has given a message to the democratic forces that he wants to impose dictatorship on the country”, he said.
Imran Khan tried to block the way of women empowerment by ending it, It is his pipe dream to run the country by dictatorship, he collected donations from public, built a hospital and named it to her mother, he said that when real public government would come it would investigate the misuse of Shaukat Khanam’s funds and donations.
Hasan Murtaza said that the selected [Government] wants to erase all signs of democracy from the country. The rulers are the enemy of democracy and the poor.
He said that the Benazir Income Support Program is not only empowering women, helping poor but also supporting the economy.
“The day is not far when the defeat of the dictators and the final victory will be of the people”, he concluded.

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