Imran Khan has not delivered any promise made to people of Sindh: Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

Islamabad, 31 January 2020: Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said that his party is very concerned about stranded Pakistanis in China and it has raised the issue of stranded Pakistanis in National Assembly.
Chairman PPP was talking to media in the chamber of National Assembly. He said that Government minister has assured us that measures are being taken for stranded people. India and Bangladesh are evacuating their citizens and we do not know what difficulties are faced by Pakistani government in this regard. There is no government action apparent for these stranded Pakistanis. Government should fulfil its responsibility and bring back Pakistani citizens.
Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said we should strive for solution of the people’s problems. Federal government did not fulfil MQM’s demands with regard to Karachi. There is a lot of differences between the ideology of PPP and MQM. We all should try to solve Karachi’s issues together. MQM should think that why they are supporting a party which has not done anything for Karachi and its people.
On the subject of economy he said that economic situation of the country is apparent and people are economically murdered. Imran Khan has not fulfilled even a single promise he made to the people. We were promised that federal government will work with Sindh government on water projects. Imran Khan took a u-turn on desalination plant and K-4 projects. Imran Khan did not fulfil the promises of providing jobs and building houses. MQM on one hand claims to solve problems of Karachi and on the other also admits that PTI did not fulfil promises made. It is in the power of MQM to leave federal government and solve problems of Karachi.
He expressed his concern over the governance issue and said voices are being raised from Punjab, federation and KP against PTI government and these will not stop now. PTI does not have the capacity and ability to run the country. It also does not have the ability to keep its allies together.
On the saga of appointment of new IG in Sindh Chairman PPP said that Prime Minister and Chief Minister Sindh had consultation with regard to IG Sindh.They had agreed on the issue of IG and hoped that the decision of IG will be with agreement between PM and CM Sindh and also hoped that PM will keep his promise about IG Sindh. He said this should not be the perception that federal government wants to intentionally disturb the law and order situation in Sindh.
About sagging economy he said that PTI is trying to create monopoly of the economy of the country. We had hoped that PTI will not be involved in monopolise the economy. With regard to sugar crisis he said that it was intentionally created to provide benefit to the deputy prime minister and harmed other businessmen in the country. On the other hand wheat crisis is a very serious issue. There was food crisis in the times of Pervaiz Musharraf as well. During Pervaiz Musharraf’s regime we were buying wheat from other countries despite being an agricultural country. President Zardari had turned a country which used to buy wheat into an exporter of wheat. Our growers are economically murdered since this PTI government has come to power. Agriculture is like backbone of our economy but there is no agriculture policy of this government. We are facing flour crisis due to wrong policies of PTI government. Buying duty free flour from other countries will further harm Pakistani agriculture. The wheat crop in Punjab and Sindh is nearly ready but now it will have to compete with wheat bought from international market, he said.
Chairman PPP said that PTI government was imposed after rigging the elections. Every political party despite differences among them agree on one point that Imran Khan has to go home. Imran Khan is so non-serious that he cannot work even with his own team. If some people appointed by Imran Khan go on vacations and long leave then how the tax reforms can be introduced, Bilawal asked.

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